What love does.

I’ve kept myself locked from the world. An introvert an anti-social? I’ve never wondered what I’am. But it’s true, I’ve kept myself away from commitments. And was wanting to do so, forever. But I saw you while walking through the passage. Clearly questioning my wills of wantings to shut my heart to love. You smiled, I know not at whom. But I felt my heart jumping within me. Wanting to pour out all the unexpressed love. My days have been empty ever since, with the glances of you. My nights have been sleepless, without you. My mind now knows no boundaries. It’s just a rageful ocean. Waving to the shores, wanting to take a part of you with it. Is this what love does? I wonder!

The kingdom of gold.

Golden, yellow spread the rays,

Golden hills over there lay,

Breeze blowing on the river,

Farms wearing shiny-gold wear,

Butterflies colourful on the flowers,

All turned gold in this golden hour.

Birds in groups, retuning back to nests.

Fluttering of birds in open sky.

The sky turned red, there up high.

Silver-clouds floating taking random shapes,

Sometimes face and sometimes apes.

Some grey and some white.

Some of them blocking the sunlight.

And the sun playing hide and seek, hiding behind them.

Winds blowing the sand.

Leaves blowing here and there.

Leaves on trees ready for a ride,

To them. sand and wind ready to hide.

Flowers dancing, grasshoppers jumping,

Bees singing, birds flying.

The sky dark now…

This is a time,

Time for sun to see the moon,

Time for moon to shine,

Time for sun to set,

Time for bats to roam,

Time for owls to rule.

Birds silent, back to their safest place.

This is a dawn of hope;

Hopes of a new rise.

This is a dawn of memories;

Memories of the time gone.

The dawn, which the world in wait.

For which the world waits to take a rest.

The golden hour.

The kingdom of gold.

…she knows what is loss.

She was crying there on the bed,

With her eyes and face too red.

No expressions on her face.

Lost from her face was all that grace.

Feelings rolling down her cheeks,

Which she was caring over weeks and weeks.

Stunned lips, turned pale,

Frosted eyes, hiding pain.

Eyes crying for the lost gain.

Heart saying to heart ‘Work for me.’

Eyes looking nowhere,

There was silence everywhere.

She was holding him close to the heart,

Her destiny was just a game of dart.

Once she had won and she lost.

His cold body, stopped heart beats…

He was not alive to her hers beat.

Motherhood was all gone,

Destiny had snatched him from her arms.

Before she could see him alive.

Before he could see her face.


…she knows what is loss.